Infamous second son

Infamous Second Son is in an open world action game, where the player controls main character Delsin Rowe from a third person perspective. Delsin Rowe is a Conduit, who can channel superhuman powers to his advantage. His initial superpower is smoke-based, and later obtains other powers by defeating other Conduits. As he expands his powers, the player can execute more advanced moves to inflict more damage on enemies and the environment. By draining blast shards found by destroying tracker drones and DUP command centres the player gets experience to spend on new skills. The upgrade system is in a branching tree format. Parkour is a major element, which allows Delsin to traverse the city across rooftops and scale buildings at will.

Like the previous Infamous games, the game offers a choice between a good or evil playthrough, changing Delsin’s combat abilities, looks and certain parts of the storyline. This is one of my favorite games I have played for PS4.

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Shrek the Musical Review

Shrek the Musical Review

By Isaac

I thought that the play was in the middle of good and bad. The good thing about the play was that the actors were good. The actor that I thought was the best was Donkey who was played by Anna Dzieciol she was very funny. The two subjects of the play that I liked the most was costumes and lighting. For the costumes I liked that Lord Farquaad looked short, they put little legs on the actors thighs and made the actor go on his knees he obviously had shin pads on so he did not hurt himself. Another costume that I liked was shreks he looked real he actually looked like an ogre, it was really cool. One costume that I didn’t like was Pinocchio’s, you could really see his skin and the growing nose did not look to great, it just looked awkward.                                                                                                                                                                                The lighting was spectacular, I loved how they added smoke when the dragon came out, it made it spooky. But it smelt really bad. Also I really liked how you could see through the little hut when Donkey went into it. It was cool because Princess Fiona was an ogre and she was glowing green. Another thing that I liked was the shadow of Lord Farquaad when he came out, the shadow of him looked big but he is actually small so I liked how they did that. But I did not like the shadow of Donkey and Shrek it looked really weird because Donkeys ears were so big and tall like rabbit ears.

Overall I would rate this musical a four star because the prince Farquaad amazed me and overall the acting was spectacular. I would suggest this to family and friends. Well done to all of the actors and the lighting people.

challenge 10

I have 15 posts including this one. I have 8 school based ones including this post and I have 7 posts of my own interests. I have 7 comments from my friends at school, I have 2 from my teacher and I have 8 from other students across the world. I got the most comments on the Town and Country post, I think that it got the most comments because I think and I think allot of you guys and gales thought that it was very interesting because allot of you guys and gales live in different country’s so you don’t see what I see every day. Also I put a nice picture in too. My Favourite post would be my challenge 9A post because I like writing story’s. Also I liked making bidstrips it was really fun and entertaining. I have 8 widgets, I think that’s a good amount. That concludes my challenge 10 post hope you enjoyed.

Challenge 9A


Day & Night

by the one and only Isaac

                On one cold fall day, in the streets of Minnopolis Bob could be seen by all people big and small! The people would not run away screaming, “Help me help me there is a monster!” Oops sorry I forgot to tell you what Bob exactly is. Bob is a BIG blue blob that the Navy created. No one knows why they made him. He is really nice to everyone during the daytime. He squirms around the streets of Minnopolis going to all the hotdog stands eating every hotdog in sight. Now that you’re caught up on this information… Bob was eating his hotdog on one cold fall day. He was really enjoying his hotdog until the Navy came up and grabbed him by his gunky shoulders and stuffed him in the dark deep trunk of the car. The Navy drove Bob 30 miles to Area 1002. Bob did not fight with Navy soldiers because he was so nice. When they arrived they brought Bob into a huge carbon fibre facility. They walked into a weird room with a bunch of creepy aliens that lurked around in their cages. They walked to the end of the long creepy hall and entered another room with a chair and a table. Then Sargent Phyllis sat down and questioned Bob about eating all the hotdogs. Phyllis said, “WHY, WHY! Bob we told you to lay low and not attract attention.” “We told you to lay off the hotdogs”. Bob replied in a smug voice, “WELL I…I. Love hotdogs!!!” Phyllis said, “You are a blob you don’t need to eat.” I forgot to tell you that in the daytime Bob is really nice and at nighttime Bob turns into a raging blob. He can throw acid goo out of his hands. Loud noises and bananas hurt him. Those are his weaknesses. Also in the daytime he is blue and at nighttime he is red. Now that you know this I shall get back to the story. After hours of questioning the sun was overrun by darkness, and then it happened… Bob turned into a red blob and burst through the ceiling and out of Area 1002. The Navy did not know that Bob turned red and went on a rampage. Bob was just created and they were running tests on him to learn more about him. The one thing the Navy did know was Bob’s weakness was bananas and loud noises, so they went to work. They called Banana man. Banana man’s real name is Erik. Banana man works for the Navy to stop evil like Bob. But Bob is not all bad! They just need to cure him from turning bad at nighttime. In the streets of Minnopolis Bob was crashing into everything blowing it up until banana man came. Banana man was shooting out bananas at Bob. Bob was taking immediate damage. Then after three hours of intense fighting it finally came to an end when Santa randomly came into the story and gave Banana man an explosive banana gun. Banana man got the gun and shot it at Bob. There was a nuclear mushroom cloud over the city of Minnopolis. It started to rain tacos. Bob picked one up and shoved it in his large mouth. He then turned into a blue Blob. The taco cured him. Who would have guessed that tacos would be the cure Suddenly he started to sing, “It’s raining tacos (Ouuuuu) raining tacos (Ouuuuu) it’s like a dream! Get your sour cream! Shell, meat, lettuce, cheese, shell, meat, lettuce, cheese, shell, meat, lettuce, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.”

The End


Challenge 8

Having pictures in you post makes the post more attractive. That just my opinion you don’t have to listen if you don’t agree. When I am out reading a post I look for interesting blogs like ones that have cool pictures and interesting posts to go with. I find great posts on a blog when i see pictures and a descent amount of righting.